KTU Startup Space

Incubation of the early startups developing ideas into prototypes

What is Startup Space?

We actively work with innovative start-ups, trying to discover a potential of young entrepreneurs and encourage them to make their dreams come true.

What we offer for start-ups:

  • Team coordination, consultations, mentorship
  • Office
  • Training, events
  • Assistance in search of partners

KTU Startup Space incubation program

Results we’re most proud of (since 2012)

> 2.5 million paid in taxes

> 75 established companies

> 200 MVP’s

> 4000 participants

> 260 jobs created

600 % return on investment for the ecosystem

Studentų str. 67
LT-51392 Kaunas
phone: +370 612 47594

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Incubation program





Kaunas University of Technology Startup Space

Studentų str. 67
LT-51392 Kaunas

phone: +370 612 47594