EIT Health Lithuania

EIT Health – health innovation community, which covers a broad network of partners in Europe. It seeks to solve the most relevant challenges of healthcare by gathering the brightest minds and developing innovation. In Lithuania, EIT Health Hub is managed by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.


EIT RawMaterials Lithuania

EIT RawMaterials – minerals, metals and advanced materials are key enablers to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal. Today, only a fraction of the most relevant raw materials is produced in Europe. This can be changed through a circular economy approach, through innovation in recycling, substitution, processing, mining, and exploration. It is the objective of EIT RawMaterials to secure a sustainable raw materials supply by driving innovation, education, and entrepreneurship across European industrial ecosystems. EIT RawMaterials Hub is managed by 



Interreg V-A Lithuania – Poland – the cooperation programme seeks to contribute to regional growth and quality of life through closer cross-border cooperation between people and institutions from Lithuania and Poland. The overall objective is to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the Lithuanian-Polish border area in the period 2014-2020.


EIT Food Lithuania

EIT Food Hub – operates as a coordinator of EIT Food activities in Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries. EIT Food Hub seeks to implement numerous agri-food related activities, transfers the best practices of EIT Food to their respective countries/regions, work with local agri-food stakeholder networks to strengthen their innovative capacities, promotes the brand visibility of EIT in targeted countries, and carries out localized activities as part of the EIT Food RIS portfolio.