EIT HEALTH Lithuania

EIT Health – health innovation community, which covers a broad network of partners in Europe. It seeks to solve the most relevant challenges of healthcare by gathering the brightest minds and developing innovation. In Lithuania, EIT Health Hub is managed by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. 

From 2018 EIT Health Hub Lithuania organized more than 15 initiatives, which provided financial support and mentorship for the start-ups and researchers in the field of healthcare

The spectrum of initiatives is broad: 

  • training and workshops program Smart-up Lab with the prize fund of 10k euros;
  • Health Innovation Academy – each year is dedicated to analyze, comprehend and discuss one of the healthcare topics In 2019 the topic of the academy was rehabilitation, in 2020 – artificial intelligence in medicine.  
  • Hackathon Hospiton – a joint activity of KTU and LSMU, which brought around 120 talents from different studies areas. During the first hackathon in 2019, around 20 innovative ideas were created in the rehabilitation area. In 2020 the topic of the hackathon was pharmacy.  

From 2018 Technorama dedicates the track for healthcare innovation – researchers presented solutions from Medtech, biotech, and digital health areas. During this period more than 20 solutions were presented. It can be found here.