FUSE City Challenge 2022 Kaunas

Important | 2022-08-16



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Aim of the event: intensive ideation workshop FUSE City Challenge 2022 Kaunas aims to generate innovative solutions enabling the development of green mobility solutions for solving the negative effects of increasing urbanization, and improving ideas generation, validation and pitching skills. 

Similar events will be held in Riga (Latvia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Evora (Portugal). 

Opportunities: On the weekend, you and your team will experience a Challenge Based competition in a real-life setting. We will provide you with coaching in your journey and support that you need. 

Prizes: The winner takes it all! Project prize fund is 1000 EUR (before taxes)). The winner of the Kaunas City Challenge will get an opportunity to present their idea in the Grand Finale of the FUSE City Challenge in Barcelona (ESP) on 17-20th of November – travel and accommodation costs are paid by organisers, but not more than for 5 team members. 

Program targets: students, individuals or teams – everyone who is interested in contributing to the improvement of mobility in the city. Teams should consist of 4-5 members, 5 members max. 

Registration is open till 13th of September  


Participation is free of charge, but number of participants is limited. Registration on first-come, first-served basis. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about registration or event:

Neringa Valantinė

Business Development Project Manager

K. Baršausko gatvė 59-445, Kaunas
phone: +370 (613) 54999
email neringa.valantine@ktu.lt

Green mobility solutions solving the negative effects of increasing urbanization

According to The United Nations (UN), in 2050, more than 68 per cent of the population will live in urban areas; compared to nowadays, this number will increase by 13 per cent. The rapid urbanization process causes several challenges: it negatively affects citizens’ lifestyles, increases the number of motor vehicles in the streets, fosters climate change (such as rising temperature, weather abnormalities and the threat of food crisis), and pollution which causes the greenhouse effect. 

The concerns about the increasing urbanization with a bunch of negative effects drive the search for more sustainable solutions in our environment that are carbon neutral, aim to reduce the pollution in urban areas and encourage environment consciously behaviour of society. 

One approach to reducing the negative effects (greenhouse effect, climate change) caused by urbanization is green mobility solutions. Green mobility solutions could be applied in a various area of the city in order to solve the mentioned challenges and encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities.  

Firstly, green mobility solutions could accelerate urban transformation by making urban spaces more liveable, increasing the usage of shared mobility services. Second, green mobility solutions seek to decarbonize and automate mobility by raising the environmental awareness, clean and automated mobility and new (or adapted) technologies. Third, it fosters integrated mobility – improves parking places and smart infrastructure, cycling and walking activities, encourages the usage of public transport. 

Challenge #1

Fostering choice of greener transport means for home-work/education-home journeys 

According to Kaunas City Municipality Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, 55 percent of Kaunas city inhabitants live in north side, what is 20 percent of city territory. Young families with more kids choose to live in more remote area and city suburbs. Distribution of workplaces, educational institutions, health care institutions in Kaunas city and habits of inhabitants cause big transport flows towards and out the city center. The dominant transport mean is car (~80 percent), and number of motorised trips is constantly growing. 

This challenge is calling inventors and enthusiasts to develop an innovative, practical, sustainable, scalable and public behavioural change promoting solution fostering choice of greener transport means for home-work/education-home journeys. 

Challenge #2


This challenge is calling inventors and enthusiasts to develop an innovative, practical, sustainable, scalable and public behavioural change promoting green mobility solution (not related with challenges #1 and #2) solving the negative effects of increasing urbanization.


Moments from 2021 year’s event


F. A. Q.

It is all about the journeys of urban residents – what mode of transport they choose, where and when they travel, what the duration of the journeys is, how much time they spend in the vehicle in question, etc.

These are all the spaces open to the citizens in the city – streets, parks and recreation areas, squares and other outdoor spaces.

Sure! You can form a team of two people or can accept more team members into the team during the event. We highly recommend the second option. Because it’s more fun and more people means more fantastic ideas.

Not necessarily. You will be able to formulate one of given challenges solving idea during the event or join a team that already has an idea.

It would be practical to have a laptop per team, especially on Sunday when finalizing pitches.