Scale up your business with EIT RawMaterials!

EIT Raw Materials | 2022-07-29

Does your Start-up or SME offer sustainable solutions for the raw materials sector? Apply to the Booster Call to get financial support of up to EUR 200 000 and access to the EIT RawMaterials partner network to scale up. EIT RawMaterials Booster supports start-ups and SMEs developing innovative products and services that can impact in the raw materials sector or benefit our partners.

Besides funding and customised services, the selected start-ups and SMEs will also join the EIT RawMaterials partner network to participate in our networking events and gain visibility through EIT RawMaterials network channels. Supported start-ups and SMEs may join our network as an associate or full members to benefit from the ecosystem fully.

Booster Call provides established companies with support to:

  • speed up a technology challenge to bring your solution closer to the market
  • accelerate market entry by dedicating financial resources for a specific segment or target market
  • facilitate product portfolio diversification, enabling product adaption or new product features to address a concrete market need

Booster Call 2022 is open throughout the year. For the sake of clarity and to ensure a smooth selection and operational progress of the selected Start-ups and SMEs, we have three cut-off dates for proposal submission. The application deadlines are 8 April, 6 June and 5 September 2022.

Thematic Scope

Minerals, metals and advanced materials are key enablers to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal. Today, only a fraction of the most relevant raw materials is produced in Europe. This can be changed through a circular economy approach, through innovation in recycling, substitution, processing, mining, and exploration. It is the objective of EIT RawMaterials to secure a sustainable raw materials supply by driving innovation, education, and entrepreneurship across European industrial ecosystems.

Booster Call supports new businesses sharing our vision to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe.

Circular Economy

Solutions and business models implementing circular economy concepts

Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and for optimised performance

New technologies or services that make it possible to substitute or use lower quantities of critical or toxic materials in key industries


Technologies and solutions for materials supply from secondary sources and recycling

Mineral and metallurgical processes

Technologies and solutions for mineral and metal processing and for improved materials production

Future Mining

Technologies and solutions for more efficient, responsible and sustainable modern mining


Technologies and solutions for improved and new mineral exploration

In this Booster Call 2022, EIT RawMaterials seeks companies developing solutions in the thematic scope of three Lighthouses:


new circular business models such as reuse, repair, remanufacturing, sharing economy


materials for electrification such as batteries, fuel cells, magnets; materials for lightweight design including steels, non-ferrous alloys, composites, multimaterials


of primary and secondary resources for securing and processing strategic mineral resources in a sustainable and safe way and with a social license to operate

How to apply

The application deadline is 5 September 2022

Please find below Booster Call 2022 Terms & Conditions and templates for download.

Please follow the link below to apply via an external application platform.