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“Debesys” – a small device expanding the limits of artistic performance to the virtual space. Gesture-based user interface interprets performer’s movements and translates them into sounds or other signals that control means of artistic expression (intensity or other parameters of visualisations and audio-visual effects).

Device can be used in modern theatre, dance and musical performance. Small price, little casing that is adapted for stage and easily hidden, understandable software allows every director or composer to live up to their most unexpected scenic ambitions.

Today, a functioning prototype is already created. With the help of computer you can manipulate images, sounds, frequencies and their amount without any limitations of physical laws. It provides possibilities for creation of new, previously unseen and unheard elements of show, performance or concert. However, performance is not only new images and sounds. It is very important to focus on the performer’s connection with the content, which, in this case, is in virtual space.

Contemporary composition provides new ways for expression, comprehension and audio-visual conceptualisation, which are integral part of the artistic performance of the 21st century; however, possibilities of control of these objects are still underused.