New high technology materials

JSC „Holtida“ specializes in development of advanced optical security means. JSC „Holtida“ was established in 2014 as spin-off company, which extends over 20 years of experience developed by a team of scientists in the field. This company accepted all experience and traditions to produce the holographic security labels. Establishment of the company was partly funded by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) Innovative business promotion programme (INOVEKS) and supported by Kaunas University of Technology, enabling the use of infrastructure of „SANTAKA“ Valley, Science and Technology Center and the Technology Business Incubator.

The company offers a variety of optical security means including holographic and kinematic security features ensuring a very high level of protection of documents and goods against counterfeiting. The company has developed processes of holographic and kinematic images recording, recombining, master matrix fabrication, hot embossing, adhesive application, and integration to the document technique.