MB Rugaitis

Technologies for sustainable development and energy

BioFlame  – more than burner!

MB Rugaitis was established in 2017. The company developed a unique technology of pellet burners, which allowed to optimize the operation of the pellet burner, provided the possibility to control the pellet burner remotely, collect data and use it to control the operation of circulation pumps, smoke pumps, storage tanks. We are always striving for technological progress. In 2018 we adapted a pellet heating system for wooden hot tubs and outdoor saunas, which allowed us to maintain a constant temperature, antifreeze mode and remote monitoring by remote control in wooden hot tubs and outdoor saunas.

MB Rugaitis continues to expand new areas of activity, seeks innovative solutions, invests in advanced equipment for metal processing. All this allows expanding the range of products and providing metal processing services.

In 2020, MB Rugaitis established a subsidiary UAB TenSteel, which manufactures products and blanks from stainless steel or other metals according to individual customer orders, as well as provides laser cutting of sheets and pipes, bending, welding and other metal processing services.

Our main goal is to facilitate the consumer’s daily life by contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution and the conservation of energy resources.