Technologies for sustainable development and energy
UAB “Militera” – a company that creates synergy among mechanical, operational and computer technology. We offer engineering-technological solutions for innovation-seeking business or the public sector: the improvement of electronic, automatic equipment, modernization, etc. In 2015 part of our innovative solutions became a serial production for the Lithuanian Army. In the same year we have developed a device which has no analogues in the world – a multifunctional, solar-powered service station SUN ECO.  This complex eco-friendly solution creates modern and smart infrastructure for public spaces: any user can charge a smartphone or other device for free while being connected to SUN ECO with USB, use wireless internet, enjoy the music through Bluetooth connection, use sound, light, surveillance and other functions. Every solution to such a public service station is unique as we individually tailor it according to the preferences of our customer. The element of our success – modern engineering thinking.