Technologies for sustainable development and energy

The core of the company consists of a group of enthusiasts who look for elegant engineering solutions not only in their daily work, but in most of their free time as well. The success of the company is guaranteed by a diversity of skills between key members – each of them is a professional in his own field, but working together they complement each other and improve all together.

Protozauras was born as company, which is not afraid of sometimes small, but interesting requests. That kind of work was required in most of the team’s free time projects, but many companies refused to execute it because of small quantities and complexity of the task. Protozauras tries to fill this gap in the market, therefore accepts requests not only from the industry, but from the individuals as well.


The company currently focuses on manufacturing in:

  • 3D printing via FDM, SLA/DLP technologies;
  • CNC milling;
  • Manual manufacturing (turning, milling, welding);
  • Laser processing (cutting, engraving);


and on research and development (R&D) in:

  • Development of solutions for process automation;
  • Specialized (non-standard) machine design, manufacturing, and assembly;
  • Primary programming of the machines and commissioning.